Bruno Ministro

Bruno Ministro holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages by the School of Arts and Humanities at University of Coimbra (2011) and an MA in Text Editing and Publishing by the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at NOVA-New University of Lisbon, with a dissertation titled Um buraco na boca: edição crítica do romance experimental de António Aragão (2014). He was research assistant in the pre-project “No Problem Has a Solution: A Digital Archive of the Book of Disquiet” (CLP/FLUC), and in the project “Terminological Dictionary of Textual Criticism” (CLUL). He is a collaborator of the Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Literature (University Fernando Pessoa, Oporto) and the Electronic Literature Directory / Consortium on Electronic Literature (hosted by the Electronic Literature Organization). His scientific and artistic interests gravitate around word-image relations. He was an FCT Doctoral Fellow (2014-2018) and received his PhD in Materialities of Literature from the University of Coimbra with the thesis All copies are original: electrography and copy art in Portugal [11-09-2020], in which he analyses the expressive use of the photocopier as a means of literary and artistic creation in the works of Abílio-José Santos, António Aragão, António Dantas, António Nelos and César Figueiredo.

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