Fábio Waki

Fábio Waki holds a BA in Literary Studies (2012) and an MA in Classics (2015), both from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp). Along his BA and MA studies, he researched the philology and narratology of Greek and Anglo-Saxon oral traditions, especially the performativity of oral literatures and the revolutions of the heroic paradigm. Fábio was a Materialities of Literature PhD student (2016) under the supervision of professor Osvaldo Manuel Silvestre. His research is aligned to contemporary studies on narratology and, in the light of psychoanalysis, he investigates this subject as a method for intermedial research of textual and visual narratives. Fábio also works with classical reception, particularly the transformations in the ideas of aesthetics and ethics in the hermeneutics of the self and in the hermeneutics of art. During his BA, Fábio completed an internship as a copy editor at Editora da Unicamp, under the supervision of Ricardo Lima and Paulo Franchetti, and during his MA, completed a research internship at King’s College London, in the Department of English, under the supervision of professor Clare Lees. He was an FCT Doctoral Fellow (2016-2020) and received his PhD from the University of Coimbra with the thesis Artists in Thought: From Classical Reception to Criticism as a Creative Practice in Oscar Wilde’s and Michel Foucault’s Theories on Ethics and Aesthetics (2020 [15-02-2021]).

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2902-6231