Joana Rua

Joana Gonçalves Rua was born in Porto in 1995. In 2010 she enrolled in Professional Artistic Education at Escola Artística Soares dos Reis where she obtained a specialization in Graphic Design. She has a degree in Communication Design awarded by Escola Superior de Artes e Design de Matosinhos. While an undergraduate, she attended several courses in the area of graphic and editorial design, and acquired her interest in typographic design. Interested in developing her knowledge in the fields of programming and digital design, in 2016 she started a master’s degree in Multimedia and Design, at the Universidade de Coimbra, which she concluded in 2018 with the thesis Cinetype – Cinema Typefoundry. In that same year she was admitted into the Phd Programme in Materialities of Literature, and, in 2019, she was granted a PhD fellowship by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT). Her thesis project is titled Ler de longe e ler de perto: Análise de padrões na obra completa de Jane Austen e deformação visual da obra Pride and Prejudice [Distant and close reading: Analysing patterns in Jane Austen’s complete works and visual deformation in Pride and Prejudice]. Two major academic achievements are: her nomination for an European Design Award in the “Miscellaneous” category, and her Creativity Bronze Award (“Student – Data Visualization” category) in the Creativity International Design & Advertising Awards in 2019 with the project “MoMA Exhibitions — artists’ gender visualization”. Her interests include graphic and editorial design, package design, typographic creation, information visualization, literature’s visual dimensions, digital literature, and usability experience.

Ciência Vitae: