Nuno Meireles

Nuno Meireles, born in 1975, graduated in Theatre Studies from the School of Music and Performance Arts (Polytechnic Institute of Porto). He completed the curricular part of both the master’s degree in Artistic Performance – Dance (FMH-UTL) and the PhD in Child Studies (UM). He has taught in the field of artistic studies at several higher education institutions, especially ESMAE-IPP, ESAP, ILCH-UM, ESE-IPB and IE-UM. From his theatrical journey, he highlights his passage through A Escola da Noite, where he worked as an actor in Gil Vicente’s plays, as well as his activity as director and playwright at Ensemble Vicente, Teatro do Filósofo com o Parvo atado ao Pé, and also as solo actor, always working with texts written by the 16th century playwright. It is under the figure of Gil Vicente that he joined the FCT PhD in Materialities of Literature. His research on the Vincentian voice, intermediality and video recordings is documented at

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