Patrícia Reina

Patrícia Reina was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she earned a Communication BA with a minor in Editorial Production at the School of Communication of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Her undergraduate research was about the relationship between text and image in Illustrated books and the narrative effects that broaden the audience beyond children (Teatro de sombras: complexidade narrativa e acessibilidade no livro ilustrado, 2012). More recently, she concluded her MA in Contemporary Editorial and Typographical Practices at the School of Fine Arts, at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. This time, she developed a theoretical-practical work, Dentro: uma experiência em torno da legibilidade das letras (2019), which studies the letters’ counterforms as a structuring element in word identification within the process of reading. Currently, as an FCT Ph.D. Research Fellow, she is fully dedicated to her doctoral thesis research Space to make sense: the multidimensionality of typographic expression in Johanna Drucker’s works, a thematic extension of her previous research interests. This ongoing research aims to understand how typographical spaces function as graphical devices that module interpretations and potentialize meanings, using Johanna Drucker’s artist’s books as the basis for this analysis. She is particularly interested in Book-Objects and Artist’s Books because they explore the limits of bibliographical conventions and stress the semantic function of matter and medium — a field she has also explored as a creator of her own works such as Serendipitose B e Serendipitose C and (im)permanentes.

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