Pedro Sá Valentim

Pedro Sá Valentim was born in Mirandela, Trás-os-Montes, Northeastern Portugal, in 1977. Since his mother took him as a child to the movies to show him (in a very well-worn crummy old print) Lawrence of Arabia that he wants to make movies. And, since then, he has done almost everything to postpone the making of the first of them all. He holds a Degree in Art Studies from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Coimbra, and with the thesis Of The Shameless Shape Of Things — a flaneurish digression through the form and discourse of a constellation of cinematographic bodies he concluded his Master’s degree, also in Art Studies (Film Studies specialization), at the same university. He has worked as a producer for the Coimbra Visual Arts Circle (CAPC) and was a member of the heroic team responsible for producing the first two editions of the Anozero – Biennial of Contemporary Art of Coimbra. At the inaugural edition of the Anozero – Biennial of Contemporary Art of Coimbra, he was the executive coordinator of the Cinema Programme – The Word, and the author of its catalogue [Sá Valentim, Pedro (2015): Anozero ’15: Ciclo de Cinema — A Palavra. Coimbra: Edições Anozero/Almedina. ISBN 978-972-40-6413-0]. From the biennial Anozero ’17 it is worth highlighting the curatorship (with Bruno Fontes and Luís Bernardo) of the Anozero ’17 Cinema Programme – Healing and Repairing. He was an associate researcher at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of the 20th Century – CEIS 20 (Artistic and Intellectual Movements Group). He is one of the suspects of having been a co-founder of the cinephile collective Obra do Camandro. These days he is an FCT doctoral fellow in the PhD Programme in Materialities of Literature. His ongoing thesis project is titled «A Malanderer, a Badlander & a Thief — Nick Cave e a Figura do Poeta Maldito».