Rui Silva

Rui Silva is a graphic designer. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts at the University of Porto in 2005, where he unlearned almost everything and cultivated a fascination for everything else. He started the project with the aim of practicing graphic cut-and-paste all over the world. Since 2007 he has had the pleasure of designing books for publishers such as Antígona, Orfeu Negro and Dafne. He suffers from an obsessive diagrammatic spirit and from a growing pleasure in collaborating with others. He is an avid collector of non-anglophone vinyl records coming from the restricted region between Cancer and Capricorn, which he presents in soirées with his Tropical Phonographic Institute. In 2016 he adhered to the materialities paradigm for a period of four years, indefinitely renewable. His ongoing PhD thesis is titled “A Condição de Ser Livro: a publicação como prática artística e o livro como artefacto” [“The Condition of Being a Book: publication as artistic practice and the book as artefact”].