Samuel Teixeira

Samuel Teixeira holds a degree in Teaching Portuguese, Latin and Greek from the University of Aveiro (2006). In 2008, he was admitted to the Master’s degree in Editorial Studies at the University of Aveiro.  Inspired by a guest workshop presented by Manuel Portela, titled “The form of books in artists’ books”,  Samuel Teixeira began his study of Artists’ Books, which includes his MA dissertation “The Artist’s Book as a Metabook” (2011). In this text, the author reflects upon the bibliographic coding of text and image in artists’ books from the Artists’ Special Collection at Serralves Library. The fascination with the medium, especially with the book, is at the core of his areas of interest, which include themes such as self-reflexivity, performance, and bookness, and which cross disciplines such as Sociology and History of the Book, Semiotics, and Psychology. His thesis project in Materialities of Literature is titled “Virtualization of the artist’s book”. Currently, he teaches at the University of Aveiro and also at Escola Superior Aveiro Norte and Escola Profissional de Aveiro.