Sofia Madalena Escourido

Sofia Madalena G. Escourido, in her small life, holds a great affection for words (especially those which take refuge within books, but also those that inhabit people). After undergraduate studies in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies and a master’s degree in Textual Editing, she realized that she wanted to help making books, those tools that help us read the world. She is an assistant editor since 2008 and currently works in the New Portuguese Authors Department of the LeYa group. For better understanding books, she completed a post-graduate diploma in the Arts of Writing. She received her PhD in Materialities of Literature from the University of Coimbra with the thesis The page as a possibility: Patrícia Portela, Joana Bértholo and Afonso Cruz [15-09-2020], in which she analyzes the expressive uses of the page as a narrative element in fictional works by Patrícia Portela, Joana Bértholo and Afonso Cruz.

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