MATLIT: Materialities of Literature

MATLIT: Materialities of Literature is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal published by Coimbra University Press and the Centre for Portuguese Literature at the University of Coimbra. The journal addresses the material and technological mediations of literary practices, with a particular focus on printness, digitality, aurality, and intermediality. The research fields covered by the journal extend from literary studies to comparative media studies and to digital humanities. MATLIT uses the following working languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Adopting an interdisciplinary and transmedia perspective, the journal is organized into thematic issues. Each issue has its own Call for Papers.

The journal is entirely produced by members of the PhD Programme in Materialities of Literature as part of MATLIT LAB activities. It provides a collaborative learning experience in managing and producing a scientific publication in electronic format. Participation in its editorial committee is part of the training for young researchers, who can play different roles in the workflow (executive editing, copy-editing and proofreading, pagination in PDF and HTML formats, graphic and web design, content indexing, communication and dissemination). Additionally, the reviews section of journal, dedicated to the critical reading of new publications in our field of research, is authored by members of the Programme.

Further information: History of the journal (2013-2019) [Portuguese]

Paulo Silva Pereira [2022-], Manuel Portela [2013-2021], Osvaldo Manuel Silvestre [2013-2017]

Guest Editors
Susan Schreibman [2022], Claartje Rasterhoff [2022], João Queiroz [2021], Karl Erik Schollhammer [2021], Ana Maria Machado [2020], Ana Albuquerque e Aguilar [2020], Pauline Bachmann [2019], Jasmin Wrobel [2019], Rui Torres [2018], Felipe Cussen [2017], António Rito Silva [2016], Pedro Serra [2015], Abel Barros Baptista [2014], Clara Rowland [2013] Review Editors Daniela Côrtes Maduro [2018-], Manaíra Aires Athayde [2018-], Ricardo Namora [2013-2015]

Editorial Committee
Executive Editors Ana Marques  [2022-], Thales Estefani  [2018-2021], Sandra Bettencourt [2014-2016] Editorial Committee Francisco Silveira, Nuno Meireles, Patrícia Reina, Pedro Sá Valentim [2018-2021]


MATLIT 1.1 (2013)
MATLIT 1.2 (2013)
MATLIT 2.1 (2014)
MATLIT 3.1 (2015)
MATLIT 4.1 (2016)
MATLIT 4.2 (2016)
MATLIT 5.1 (2017)
MATLIT 6.1 (2018)
MATLIT 6.2 (2018)
MATLIT 6.3 (2018)
MATLIT 7.1 (2019)
MATLIT 8.1 (2020)
MATLIT 9.1 (2021)

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