MATLIT Posters

The PhD Programme in Materialities of Literature has produced its own series of posters since 2010. Conceived and designed by members of the Programme, these poster series embody the artefactual, interdisciplinary and collaborative principles that underlie the work of the MATLIT LAB. Retrospectively, this production of more than 150 posters shows our attempt at developing graphic illustrations for concepts, problems, works and authors that have been the subject of our research. It is a set of design exercises that have contributed to building the visual identity of the Programme and to the intramural and extramural communication of our activities. The generative and combinatorial procedures of these series (some of which result from algorithmic processes for analysing and visualizing information) are also applied instances of research-creativity interaction.

Ana Sabino

Cecília Magalhães

Manuel Portela

Patrícia Reina

Pedro Brochado

Rui Silva

Tiago Santos


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