Vox Lit

Vox Lit is a podcast produced by the project “Vox Media: Voice in Literature” with contributions by other students and PhDs in Materialities of Literature. It is a phonographical exploration of concepts, themes, objects and literary practices that are part of the research field of the PhD Programme. With an approximate duration of 20-30 minutes, each episode of Vox Lit includes self-contained posts such as “Comprimidos de Leitura”, “Vozes de Gil Vicente”, “Técnica e Utopia”, “Carta Falada” and “Hipoglote”, as well as sound experiments, readings of poems and quotations from essays and other texts.

Ana Marques, Elena Soressi, Elizama Almeida, Jaqueline Conte, Jordan Eason, Mafalda Lalanda, Nuno Meireles, Pedro Brochado, Tiago Schwäbl.


Categories: Podcast
Tags: dissemination materialities of literature